Welink is a global company that will deliver reliable solutions to ensure that projects and objects are compatible and operational. We will do it with experience and efficient systems to improve the safety, performance, and profits for our customers in the industry and in private sector.

We will strive to deliver what the customer(s) demand and respect each other throughout the project.

We will provide the customer(s) with guidance and recommendation when requested and ensure that the requirements for condition and quality are followed.

Welink provides craft services in carpentry, modification, repairs, erection of sheds, walls, terraces, railings, etc., creation of crooked cabins (houses), project work, planning and execution of assignments.

More than 25 years of experience in offshore related industry, technical execution and condition control. Extensive experience in regulatory requirements and understanding of this.

Extensive experience in project management, technical condition control, cost control and delivery of finale product. We cooperate with an approved electrical company, painting and wallpapering, floor layers, etc.

Our services– your success

Ready to embark on a new operation? Welink offers a wide range of services that ensure you succeed when procuring items, vessels and equipment. Our 30+ years of experience, and our unique knowledge of both technical and regulatory challenges, guarantees you a thorough and cost-effective tender process. You’re welcome to read more about our services here.

Surveys, inspections and audits

All onshore and offshore operations are fundamentally dependant on the quality and safety of the project and equipment applied.

Project handling

Any intake process or project handling comes with a challenging mix of claims and requirements. At Welink we have developed an advanced system to comply to regulations and laws.

Verification and acceptance

Welink delivers high quality verification and acceptance of constructions and vessels in all parts of the world.

Senior advisory

Welink can provide a wide range of senior specialists within most fields of upstream oil and gas and other industries.

Advisory for modification, repairs and new builds, we prepare a reliable project plan.

Concept studies

Due to our unique experience and know-how our involvement in performing a concept study can lead to a significant cost reduction and planning improvement for our clients.