Policy and Values

Welink are proud suppliers of increased control, security and cost-effectiveness to our clients.

Our vision: No-risk operations

Welink’s solutions are innovative both in the depth of their diligence but also in the broadness of their scope. We pride ourselves with being this thorough in our undertakings for one reason: we want our efforts to ensure our vision of no-risk operations. Only by living up to our vision can we guarantee the safety of everyone and everything involved, and a minimum of downtime and maximum of profits and standard for our clients.
We believe; if you can’t do it safe don’t do it!

Our values

We are curious about new regulations and techniques. Our product is our knowledge and it is important that we keep up to date to continuously evolve our experience.
The customer can trust us of being a third party. An objective perspective that will keep to the point, and to have the intention of keeping the premises safe and efficient.
We are always honest with our customer and we will always report matters that the customer needs to put their attention to.

Our policy

  • We must listen to our stakeholders, both internal and external.
  • We must comply with government laws and regulations.
  • We must work to ensure that the individual meets the requirements for competence and confidence to our customers.
  • We will do our best, so the individual is safeguarded regarding working.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement of the management system.
  • We will do our utmost to satisfy the customer’s needs.
  • We will protect the environment in the best possible way.
  • We must talk to each other and not about each other.