• Project  management
  • Surveys, inspections and audits
  • Rig intake support
  • Commissioning and acceptance
  • Senior advisory
  • Concept studies

Project management

Welink can provide premium quality project management and consultancy services and personnel to the upstream oil and gas industry and other industries.
The range includes project for the Energy Industry to the Service Industry and includes planning and execution of caretaker services and other possibilities services, repair, modification and new projects.
Design and construction of Electrical cabinets for onshore and offshore, marine inspection and follow up regularly audits.
Manage / planning and project handling of small and medium project onshore. Caretaker handling and all possibilities services project handling.


Surveys, inspections and audits

All onshore and offshore operations are fundamentally dependant on the quality and safety of the item and vessels applied. At Welink we take our pride in delivering the most comprehensive and integrated examinations of items, construction and vessels. Through more than 30 years we have contributed to hundreds of surveys, inspections and audits around the world. We know what to look for where, and all about the challenges involved in any procedure. We appreciate that each client and each operation is unique. Accordingly, we customise our expertise to fit to the specific requirements of any asset to be used for the development, operation and/ or maintenance of projects.
Our international network of experienced personnel can deliver a comprehensive range of surveys, inspections and audits, including:

  • Condition surveys and inspections
  • Suitability surveys and inspections
  • Pre-purchase surveys and inspections
  • Pre and post charter (On & Off Hire) surveys

Due diligence surveys, inspections and audits
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Rig intake support

Any rig intake process comes with a challenging mix of claims and requirements. At Welink we have developed an advanced system. This ensures that the verification routines meet the highest of standards. When commencing on a new assignment we will establish a highly qualified team of specialists within all required fields. As our company name indicates, we put our pride in linking together everyone involved in a process. This empowers our experienced staff to work methodically and hand in hand with partners, regulators and authorities towards a clear and understandable conclusion on behalf of our clients.
Welink’s comprehensive system includes an extensive list of more than 4640 checkpoints. These are organized under the following evaluation categories:

  • Management systems
  • Maintenance systems
  • Operational and organizational requirements
  • Training and competence
  • Historical performance and conditions
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Technical
  • Marine
  • Safety
  • Drilling

Please contact us here. We’d welcome the chance to talk with you about how we can meet your requirements.

Verification and acceptance

Welink delivers high quality commissioning and acceptance of rigs and vessels in all parts of the world. Our international specialists can perform the full range, on entire item/ vessels, integrated systems, specific areas or sole equipment. We do offshore and onshore, old and new. Our experts will treat assignments large and small with the same professional dedication.

Senior advisory

Welink can provide a wide range of senior specialists within most fields of upstream oil and gas and other industries. Our areas of expertise include drilling, electrical, mechanical, marine, and HSE and risk management. Every one of our staff is carefully selected. References and competency records are reviewed thoroughly. Our approach ensures our clients support from the right person in the right place at the right time.

Concept studies


Welink assists our clients in selecting the right item, vessel and equipment. Due to our unique experience and know-how our involvement in performing a concept study can lead to a significant cost reduction and planning improvement for our clients.
Our range of concept studies include

  • Field and vessel development studies
  • Platform, rig or vessel concepts
  • Extend smaller construction, house, hut etc.
  • Transportation and logistics concepts